Tournament of Champions Qualifier!

Tournament of Champions Qualifier!!!!!! Congratulations ato Brooklyn Tech’s Karease Quashie & Olivia Cherry at the Electric City Tournament in Scranton, PA! They received their second bid qualifying them to the nation’s most prestigious debate tournament – The Tournament of Champions at the University of Kentucky! Good Luck as they are debating in the Semifinals Round as we speak! With a 5-1 Preliminary Record, they were 3rd Overall Team in the Tournament! #6 and #8 top speakers in the entire tournament! 3-0 decision in the Octafinals! 2-1 Decision in the Quarterfinals! 2nd Bid to Tournament of Champions! … And a bid to the Harvard University Round Robin in February! Good Luck in Semis! Congrats and congrats to the entire Brooklyn Tech Team!

Brooklyn Lab Debate Team Features in the news!

Brooklyn Lab School's Debate Team Featured in the News for education reform!   "

The Brooklyn LAB debate team beat out high school students with an overall first-place win at a Nov. 21 tournament hosted by the NYC Urban Debate League. Two students, Morgan Murchison and Kumar Wise, secured third-place overall in the tournament. Murchison, 12, has been at five different schools and said this one has been the best. “I like this school a lot,” the seventh-grader said. “It’s the longest I’ve been in a school.”
— By Alexandra Leon | December 1, 2015 7:37am,


November Brooklyn Debate League Newsletter!

Brooklyn Debate League Newsletter 1.2 

The Brooklyn Debate League is made possible by the support of the Brooklyn Community Foundation, Brooklyn schools, and Brooklyn supporters like you. 


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On Saturday, November 21st the NYCUDL hosted two high school debate tournaments in Brooklyn. First year school, Sunset Park HS had over 70 teams attend the public forum and parliamentary tournament while long time member school, ACORN Community HS saw nearly 120 policy  debaters compete. 

Thank you to two amazing coaches, Shana Bryce and Alejandro Avalos, of ACORN and Sunset Park respectively for all their hard work during the tournament. A special thank you to the administrators, custodial and school safety staff at each school for ensuring both tournaments went off without incident. Congrats to all who competed!

Click here for full Policy debate results!
Click here for full PF/Parliamentary debate results!

Policy Debate 


1. Miana Vega (ACORN)
2. Isaac Segal (Stuyvesant)
3. Fariha Rahman (Brooklyn Tech)
4. Kadiatou Barry (Brooklyn Tech)
5. Daniel Fernandez (ICE)
6. David Doktorman (Stuyvesant)
7. Britani Fraser (ACORN)
8. Wai Ho Zhang (Brooklyn Tech)
9. Chantelly Medina (All City Leadership)
10. Nate Hamowy (ICE)

1. ICE FH 
3. Stuyvesant DS  
4. Brooklyn Tech RB  
Brooklyn Tech HZ  
All City Leadership Chantelly Medina
All City Leadership NR  



1. Ayla Misbah (Brooklyn Tech)
2. Margaux Cattelona (Long Branch HS)
3. Andrew Wargo (Stuyvesant)
4. Sasha Fomina (Stuyvesant)
5. Farah Alam (Stuyvesant)
6. Joshua Hochstat (Brooklyn Tech)
7. Peter Simpson (All City Leadership)
8. Shannon Sommers (Leon Goldstein)
9. Sidorela Reci (Leon Goldstein)
10. Leya Groysman (Leon Goldstein)
1. Long Branch DC  
2. Brooklyn Tech ML 
3. Stuyvesant HA  
4. Stuyvesant FW  
5. Stuyvesant NF  
6. Stuyvesant CL  
7. Brooklyn Tech ER  
8. Brooklyn Tech PH  
9. Long Branch VS  
10. Leon Goldstein RG  

Policy Debate (Beginner Starter Pack)

Schools competing in policy debate for the first time are welcome to compete in the beginner starter pack division to build their familiarity with the topic and format. Congrats to the schools that competed this weekend, Brooklyn Lab School and Dr. Richard Izquierdo Health & Science Charter School!
1. Adrys Turbi (Dr. Richard Izquierdo)
2. Julio Roche-Pagan (Brooklyn Lab)
3. America Burgos (Dr. Richard Izquierdo)
4. Esther Assenso (Dr. Richard Izquierdo)
5. Nya Santos (Brooklyn Lab)
1. Dr. Richard Izquierdo BT  
2. Dr. Richard Izquierdo AG  
3. Brooklyn Lab WM  
4. Brooklyn Lab BR  
5. Brooklyn Lab FA  

Public Forum 


Aniket Mukherj (Collegiate)
Max Neuman (Bard HS)
Amory Benjamin (Bard HS)
Noah Trungold (Lakeland)
James Harrison (ICE)
Arnav Menon (Lakeland)
Sekou Cisse (Success Academy)
Josh Waldman (Bard HS)
Lexi Torres (Success Academy)
Lawrence Leiva (Success Academy)


1. Collegiate Aniket Mukherj
2. Bard WN 
3. ICE WH  
4. Success Academy CL  
5. Sunset Park HS MK 
6. Bard HS Amory Benjamin
7. Lakeland TM2 
8. Success Academy BT 
9. Mott Hall Bronx AC
10. Lakeland CB  


Tajaih Robinson (Success Academy)
Maya Rubin (Bard HS)
Luigi Auquilla (Success Academy)
Soorya Anilkumar (Queens HS for Sciences)
Jacob Klawans (HS American Studies)
Hannah Young (Bard HS)
Sumaiya Islam (Queens HS for Sciences)
Feiry Guaba (Hybrid)
Sebastian Booth (HS American Studies)
Rajendra Singh (Leadership & Public Svc HS)

1. Success Academy RA  
2. HS for American Studies KS 
3. Queens HS for Science KS  
4. Midwood SN  
5. HS for American Studies FR 
6. Queens HS for  Sciences TA 
7. Bard YF
8. Queens HS for the Sciences WI
9. Hybrid BG 
10. Midwood CK  


Top Beginner Speakers 

1. Jonathan Raghoonanan (Stuyvesant)
2. Brian Kwong (Stuyvesant)
3. Jackson Morgan (Stuyvesant)
4. Nathaniel Unger (Stuyvesant)
5. Amanda Piasecki (Stuyvesant)
6. Nishat Miah (Stuyvesant)
7. Ayako Gatheral (Stuyvesant)
8. Peiran Fu (Stuyvesant)
9. Milan Haiman (Stuyvesant)
10. Jessica Gruboy (Stuyvesant)
Top Beginner Teams 

1. Stuyvesant MHZ 
2. HS for American Studies WS  
3. Stuyvesant PGG  
4. Stuyvesant RKF  
5. Stuyvesant GMZ  
6. Sunset Park HS ADL 
7. William Grady CMC  
8. Stuyvesant IUK
9. Stuyvesant IP 

Previous Tournament Results

MS Parliamentary Tournament # 2
MS Public Forum Tournament #2

News Around Brooklyn

Thank you Brooklyn Lab School for participating in Beveridge & Diamond Debate Night. These amazing middle school students debated the October public forum topic in front of lawyers from the firm.

Congrats Brooklyn Technical HS, varsity policy debaters, Karease Quashie & Olivia Cherry on receiving a bid to the "Electric City" Round Robin in Scranton, PA! 

Thank you Berkeley Carroll for hosting the next middle school parliamentary debate tournament on Saturday, December 5th. 

Thank you William C. Grady for hosting the December 12th high shool public forum and parliamentary debate tournament.  
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December Debate Topics

Public Forum 

Resolved: On balance, standardized testing is beneficial to K-12 education in the United States

Middle School Parliamentary 

This House supports affirmative action in college admissions 
This House would repeal the Second Amendment
This House would end birthright citizenship

Policy (Year-long) 

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially curtail its domestic surveillance

Upcoming Events 

12/3/15- Intelligence Squared Debate
12/4/15-12/6/15- Brown Rudnick Travel Team Tournament -Princeton (NJ)
12/5/15- MS Parliamentary Debate Tournament- Berkeley Carroll (Brooklyn) 
12/12/15- MS Public Forum Debate #3- IN-Tech Academy (Bronx) 
12/12/15- HS Tournament #2 (Policy Debate)- Bronx Collaborative HS (Bronx)
12/12/15- HS Tournament #2 (PF/Parliamentary)-William C. Grady HS (Brooklyn)
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Congrats to Brooklyn Debate Team's Bid to Tournament of Champions!

Congratulations to Brooklyn Technical High School’s debaters, Karease Quashie & Olivia Cherry who received a bid to the “Electric City” Round Robin! Only nine teams from across the nation are invited! We are continuing to follow their journey as they attempt to qualify for the Tournament of Champions – the nation’s most prestigious debate tournament. They received their first bid at the NYC Debate Invitational by winning 2nd Place at one of the nation’s largest tournaments.

Brooklyn Debate October Newsletter!

Brooklyn Debate League News 1.1 
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On Saturday, October 17th, MS 88 hosted the largest Middle School Quality Initiative (MSQI) tournament to date. Nearly 200 students from across New York City competed at the tournament debating whether the benefits of animal cloning outweigh the potential risks. In 2014, the NYCUDL and the New York City Department of Education partnered to bring curricular debate and after school debate programs to over 100 New York City middle schools to close the achievement gap. A number of new schools have joined the league since the partnership began including first time competitors, Urban Institute for Mathematics who took home top 10 awards. In addition to several new schools, the NYCUDL was honored to have Councilman Brad Lander (D-39)  join us and judge a debate. In a tournament first, two student Fatima Topia and Zachary Garmers tied for top speaker! A sincere thank you to the parents, coaches and volunteer judges who made this and every tournament possible. We couldn't do it without you! Congratulations to all who participated! 
Thank you to the MS 88 staff and administration for being such gracious hosts this weekend! 
Top 10 Speakers

1. Fatima Topia (J.H.S. 118)
1. Zachary Garmers (Hunter’s Point)
2. Liam Dussek (Hunter’s Point)
3. Carmelia Carter (MS 45)
4. Salma Hamed (Hunter’s Point)
5. Kaylah Wilson (North Star Academy)
6. Jayden Olivo (Urban Institute of Math)
7 Heaven Nesbitt (MS 50)
8. Mohammed Islam (Ms 50)
9. Alex Rodriguez (JHS 88)
Thank you for your continued support of students in NYC schools Councilman Lander.
Top 10 Teams 
1. Zachary Garmers & Liam Dussek (Hunter’s Point)
2. Carmelia Carter & Isabela Rodriguez  (MS 45)
3. Mohammad Islam&  Hendriny Vargas (MS 50)
4. Alex Rodriguez & Eli Rivera (MS 50)
5. Ariel Roman & Heaven Nesbitt (MS 50)
6. Salma Hamed & Shane Morales Dinkins (Hunter’s Point)
7. Nisa Ochoa & Fabiola San Martin (Urban Institute of Math)
8. Giovanni Ladjouan & Angelo Nichols (JHS 14)
9. Meresha Henry & Shania Bute (School of Diplomacy)
10. Alexander Valerio & Randy Polanco (In Tech Academy)
Interested in volunteering with NYCUDL? Join us at an upcoming tournament!
On Sunday, October 18th, Brooklyn Technical High School Seniors, Karease Quashie and Olivia Cherry competed in the finals of the New York City Invitational Debate Tournament. The duo became the first all female team in history to reach the final round in the prestigious tournament's forty-five year history. In addition to Karease and Olivia, two other all female Brooklyn teams reached eliminations rounds. ACORN Community High School Seniors, Britani Fraser and Miana Vega coached by Shana Bryce reached octofinals as did a second Brooklyn Tech team, Aminata Dieng and Anita Yan coached by alumni William Cheung. Brooklyn Tech has a storied history at the New York City Invitational with Tech alum Dante de Blasio and his partner, Senior, Sam Eludo reaching quarterfinals last year. Karease and Olivia will receive a bid to the most competitive high school debate tournament, the Tournament of Champions (TOC.) We hope you'll continue to follow them as they work to secure the second bid needed to attend the TOC. Amazing job! 
Thank you Macquarie Group, Risk Management Team and Macquarie Foundation for your generous support of the New York City Urban Debate League. The second annual "Macquarie Debate Night" was held on Thursday, October 22, 2015. The event was a great success with Macquarie employees judging several of our middle school public forum and parliamentary debaters. 
NYCUDL debaters including MS 50's Taralina Vasquez break down the first Democrat debate on Fox News. Great job! 
Despite being designated as one of New York City's renewal schools, MS 50 scored big at last week's tournament. Principal, Ben Honoroff, having only accepted the position a few short months ago, has woven debate into everyday learning methods at the school. Under Honoroff's leadership, the school's debate team has expanded to some 30 students and has done remarkably well including a 2nd place School Sweepstakes award at the October 17th tournament. For more information about MS 50's impressive reversal and continued success, view the full Greenpoint Gazette article here. We couldn't be more proud to see the success MS 50 has achieved in such a short time. We're excited to see their progress this season and beyond! 
October 24, 2015- High School Policy/PF Tournament #1- Maspeth High School 
October 24, 2015- Middle School Public Forum Tournament #1
October 27, 2015- Intelligence Squared Debate Night- contact for information 
November 7, 2015- Middle School Public Forum Tournament #2
November 14, 2015- Middle School Parliamentary Tournament #2
October Debate Topics

Public Forum

Resolved: The US federal government ought to pay reparations to African Americans (National)
Resolved:  The benefits of animal cloning outweigh the potential risks (MSQI)

High School World's Debate 

This House would raise the minimum wage
This House would implement year-round school
This House believes China and the U.S. Are Long-Term Enemies (Intelligence Squared Topic)

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially curtail its domestic surveillance

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Thank you to everyone who made yesterday’s largest MSQI tournament possible (especially our hosts MS 88!) We had so many coaches, judges, volunteers and parents pitch in to make the day a huge success. A special thank you to Councilman Brad Lander (D39-Brooklyn) for joining us and judging a debate! Congratulations to all who participated! Results -

Thank you to everyone who made yesterday’s largest MSQI tournament possible (especially our hosts MS 88!) We had so many coaches, judges, volunteers and parents pitch in to make the day a huge success. A special thank you to Councilman Brad Lander (D39-Brooklyn) for joining us and judging a debate! Congratulations to all who participated! Results below!


1st Place – Hunters Point Community Middle School

2nd Place – MS 50

3rd Place – The Urban Institute of Math

4th Place – JHS 88

5th Place – MS 45

6th Place – InTech Academy

7th Place – JHS 14 Shelbank

8th Place – North Star Academy (MS 340)

9th Place – J.H.S. 118 William W. Niles

10th Place – MS 256

11th Place – Eagle Academy Bronx

12th Place – School of Diplomacy (370X)

13th Place – P.S. 157 Benjamin Franklin

14th Place – Herman Ridder Intermediate School

15th Place – Susan B. Anthony IS 238

16th Place – MS 267


1st Place – Fatima Topia (JHS 118)

2nd Place – Zachary Garmers (Hunters Point)

3rd Place – Liam Dussek (hunters Point)

4th Place – Carmelia Carter (MS 45)

5th Place – Salma Hamed (Hunters Point)

6th Place – Kaylah Wilson (North Star)

7th Place – Jayden Olivio (UA Institute of Math)

8th Place – heaven Nesbitt (MS 50)

9th Place – Mohammed Islam (MS 50)

10th Place – Alex Rodriguez (JHS 88)

11th Place – Nisa Ochoa (UA Institute of Math)

12th Place – Angelo Nichols (JHS 14)

13th Place – Chrysallis Irizarry (UA Institute of Math)

14th Place – Rodley Pierre (JHS 14 Shelbank)

15th Place – Sabiha Yeasmin (JHS 88)

16th Place – Isabela Rodriguez (MS 45)

17th Place – Krystal Perez (UA Institute of Math)

18th Place – Deirra DuBois (MS 50)

19th Place – Meresha Henry (School of Diplomacy)

20th Place – Hendriny Vargas (MS 50)


1st Place – Zachary Garmers and Liam Dussek (Hunters Point)

2nd Place –  Carmelia Carter and Isabela Rodriguez (MS 45)

3rd Place –  Mohammed Islam and Hendriny Vargas (MS 50)

4th Place – Alex Rodriguez and Eli Rivera JHS 88)

5th Place –  Ariel Roman and Heaven Nesbitt (MS 50)

6th Place – Salma Hamed and Shane Morales Dinkins (Hunters Point)

7th Place- Nisa Ochoa and Fabiola San Martin (UA Institute of Math)

8th Place – Giovanni Ladjouan and Angelo Nichols (JHS 14-Shelbank)

9th Place – Meresha R. Henry and Shania Bute (School of Diplomacy)

10th Place – Alexander Valerio and Randy Polanco (In-Tech Academy)


The Brooklyn Debate League and the NYC Department of Education’s Middle School Quality Initiative partnered up to host the Brooklyn MSQI Summer Debate Institute. The MSQI debate initiative uses an evidence based argumentation curriculum to increase student literacy, writing, public speaking, and critical thinking skills. Results show substantial gains in literacy for students participating in debate versus their peers who do not participate in debate. This summer was our first debate camp for MSQI teachers and students – and our camp concluded with our first summer tournament! Congratulations to all participants! Full results -…/brooklyn-msqi-debate-tournament-results/

Mayor DeBlasio delivers Commencement Speech at Brooklyn Tech High School !

Mayor DeBlasio delivers Commencement Speech at Brooklyn Tech High School on... debate! Brooklyn Tech HS hosted its graduation ceremony last week and one of its graduates is the New York State Champion, Dante deBlasio. Dante, who is heading to Yale University in the fall, received an award for the debate club at the graduation ceremony. Mayor de Blasio delivered the commencement speech. The mayor said the 17-year-old often had vanquished him during debates in the car on their rides to school. He praised Dante’s work for the Brooklyn Tech debate team, saying he turned their “amicable” morning chats when de Blasio drove his son to school into “meta-blowout debates” after Dante joined the team. “And you can guess who won most of the time,” de Blasio said to laughter from the crowd. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio urged his son, Dante—and classmates graduating from Brooklyn Technical High School on Friday—to use their gifts to fight injustice and find “a real sense of the possible.” Alluding to the deadly shooting Wednesday night at a historically black church in Charleston, S.C., the mayor said, “It would not be unfair for you to feel cynical or angry or frustrated” by such tragic realities. But he encouraged the eager graduates at Barclays Center to embrace peaceful protest and civic engagement and to work together for a better society. “Do not stand idly by,” he said, “because your talents are so great and change is needed so badly.” – (See New York Times Article for full text) Congratulations again to the Brooklyn Tech High School Debate Team which is one of the largest and most successful debate teams in the city. And congratulations to our entire graduating class of debaters this year!

New York Times features Brooklyn Debaters and State Champions, Dante de Blasio and Samuel Eluto!

In a classroom in Lower Manhattan, two pairs of debaters fired off a rapid rat-
tat-tat-tat-tat of ideas, battling it out before a panel of judges for the mantle of

state champion in varsity policy debate.

away counterpunches about colonialism, a pair of young men from Brooklyn

Technical High School rode to victory on Sunday. One of them, a tall fellow

from Park Slope now residing on the Upper East Side, might strike New

Yorkers as familiar.

Marshaling their argument for environmental preservation, and swatting

The state champions were Samuel Eluto and Dante de Blasio, the mayor’s


the work I had done up until this point had really been worth something.”

restaurant in Park Slope. His debate partner, Samuel, a junior at Brooklyn

Tech, celebrated by finishing his precalculus homework.

“I felt really satisfied,” Dante said in an interview this week. “I felt like all

He and his parents celebrated with dinner at Bogota, a Colombian

Dante played a prominent role in the campaign when his father, Bill de

Blasio, ran for mayor. But for the past year and a half, he has stayed largely out

of public view, focusing on school — he is a senior — applying to college and

concentrating on debate.

Dante said he joined the debate team in his sophomore year because he 1/3

5/23/2015 Dante de Blasio, Mayor’s Fast-Talking Son, Is a State Debate Champion -

“liked arguing.” But, he added, he came to appreciate it as a way to learn,

exchange ideas and polish his rhetorical skills. This year, he has competed in

tournaments about twice a month and filed away hundreds of pages of notes

and research on his silver laptop.

In policy debates, Dante’s chosen specialty, arguments are delivered at an

extraordinarily rapid clip, punctuated by deep gasps for breath, which can

make the students sound more like powerful lawn mowers than chatty

humans. To the untrained ear, it can be difficult to follow.

Dante’s parents, the mayor and his wife, Chirlane McCray, came out on

Saturday to watch some of the preliminary rounds of the tournament, held at

Stuyvesant High School by the New York State Debate Coaches Association.

They perched at the back of classrooms to watch their son hold forth speedily

on ocean exploitation and metaphysics, though they could not always keep up

with the pace of what was being argued, Dante said.

At the tournament, the proposal up for debate was that the United States

government should increase its exploration and development of the oceans.

After losing a coin toss on Sunday to decide who would go first (they lost every

coin toss that day), Dante and Samuel argued that people should stop viewing

the ocean as only a resource to be exploited. To make their case, they leaned

heavily on ontology, a branch of metaphysics, as high schoolers will do.

Though their argument was far too deep to be encapsulated in a newspaper

article, suffice it to say that the judges, unlike some parents, followed it just


Samuel and Dante were declared the winners in the final on Sunday by a

3-to-0 vote, over a pair from the Bronx High School of Science.

two feet tall, will reside at Brooklyn Tech for the time being. But at the end of

the year, Dante said, he can take it home. It might later decorate a college

dorm room, or perhaps a mantel at Gracie Mansion.

Dante’s shiny trophy, weighing about eight pounds and standing perhaps


Daily News features Brooklyn Debaters, Dante DeBlasio and Samuel Eluto and who won the State Championships!

Dante de Blasio’s not at a loss for words.

The First Son won a state debate championship Sunday along with his partner,

a fellow student from Brooklyn Technical High School.

Mayor de Blasio and First Lady Chirlane McCray attended the championship

match at Stuyvesant High School, where Dante, a senior, and his partner

Samuel Eluto, a Brooklyn Tech junior, debated a pair of students from Bronx

Science on environmental preservation.

Dante told The New York Times, which first reported his victory, that he felt

“really satisfied” with his performance.

“I felt like all the work I had done up until this point had really been worth


His parents were thrilled.

“Congratulations Dante, Sam and your amazing coaches on winning the State

Championship for Policy Debate!” McCray tweeted on Thursday.

The First Family celebrated the victory by dining out at Bogota, a Colombian

restaurant in Park Slope, Brooklyn.



Thank you to the KIPP Academy and Brooklyn Debate League for hosting our May Middle School Public Forum Debate Tournament. The topic for the tournament is Resolved: Committing United States ground combat troops to fight ISIL is in the best interest of the United States.
(262 schools and 451 students voted for the resolution. The winning resolution received 65% of the school vote and 64% of the student vote.)

May Brooklyn Middle School Debate Tournament Results!

Thank you KIPP Academy for hosting our May Middle School Public Forum Debate Tournament! The national public forum debate topic was Resolved: Committing United States ground combat troops to fight ISIL is in the best interest of the United States. Thank you so much to all the incredible volunteers, judges, coaches, teachers, parents, alumni and staff that made this tournament possible. And thank you so much for KIPP Academy for being such an incredible host and having so many community volunteers!



This is the first year of David’s Debates!  David’s Debates is New York City’s National Qualifying Tournament for the National Association of Urban Debate League’s National Championships. The top two scoring teams of the David’s Debates received full scholarships to compete this weekend at the National Urban Debate League Championships. Congratulations to ACORN Community High School’s Britani Fraser and Miana Vega and Congratulations to Brooklyn Tech High School’s Adina Redzic and Alexa Weisberger who were the top two teams in the David Debates! Good luck to both teams this weekend! 

The National Association of Urban Debate League National Championship Tournament is one of the most prestigious and competitive debate tournaments in the nation. Each city across the United States can send their top two teams. The tournament includes four days of competition, workshops, and social opportunities for the nation’s top debaters, coaches, judges, and staff to learn from each other.  For more information about the National Association of Urban Debate League’s National Championship, please visit their website at

A huge shout out to David Budinger.  David Budinger is the Chair of the New York City Urban Debate League and also founding board member of the New York City Urban Debate League. When the city’s prior debate league ended its operations in 2011, David was critical in rebuilding the city’s debate league. A former champion high school debater, life long supporter of debate, judge, and donor to debate teams across the city – we are so thankful and honored to have David apart of the New York City Urban Debate League family. David’s Debates is the New York City Policy Debate National Qualifying Tournament.  The top two teams will receive full scholarships to attend the National Association of Urban Debate League’s National Championship Tournament. The scholarship will cover the cost of travel, housing, meals of debaters, coach, and NYCUDL staff member.  The National Qualifier will feature the top four policy debate teams of the city and will be an evening event of dinner, two debate rounds (Semifinals and Final Round) and awards ceremony.

Finally, a huge shout out to ACORN Community High School for hosting David’s Debates! Thank you so much to ACORN Community and the Brooklyn Debate League for hosting! 

Location for the final four of the Policy Debate City Championships: ACORN Community HS – 561 Grand Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11238 


3:30pm – Check-in of all teams 

4:00pm – Semifinal Round (Novice) 

6:00pm – Final Round (Novice & Advanced) 

8:00pm – Awards and dinner (for those that can stay after awards) 

Pairings: (Novice) – Semifinals

Queens High School for the Sciences JL (Jiang/Lin) – AFF versus KIPP-AMP CC (Carattini/Collins) – NEG 

Brooklyn Technical BR (Barry/Rahman) and SM (Sagawa/Mahler) 

Pairings: (Advanced) – Championship Round 

ACORN Community FV (Fraser/Vega) – AFF versus Brooklyn Technical RW (Redzic/Weisberger) – NEG